CLD Truck Driver Job Placement

Platinum Drivers is a leading CDL driver staffing and placement agency providing FMCSA qualified commercial truck drivers is all areas of Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. Our staff’s expertise is in the areas of recruiting, qualifying, staffing and placing commercial driver.

Platinum Driver’s goal is to match experienced Class A and Class B commercial truck drivers with our customers that have an immediate transportation need. The result of our commitment is that our customer’s products are delivered on time and our drivers are provided with a great job opportunity.

We are committed to safety, excellent customer service and building long-term relationships. This commitment allows Platinum Drivers to provide a quality service to both the driver and customer.

Finding the perfect work in today’s economy is hard. The market for open positions is very competitive and tough to get. For those who are a licensed commercial truck driver, you’re search is now over. With Platinum Drivers’ staffing services, we will help place you with a company that has been searching for a driver just like you. We are a premier CDL truck driver staffing agency and we are here to help keep your work day full. We cater to to all areas of Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and we’d be happy to discuss how our needs can be satisfied with yours.

There are many great opportunities for those who have been working with Platinum Drivers. We search for professional truck drivers and staff them to various companies who are in need of truck drivers. Once the specific work is complete, we’ll place you with another company and the cycle repeats. With our services, you’ll always have work and with that, you’ll always have a paycheck. With goods and products needing to get from point A to point B within a restricted amount of time, professional truck drivers are always going to be in need.

Platinum Drivers has many years of experience in the field of commercial truck driving so we know what it takes to build a career. We will help build on your skills so that you’ll be able to perform at a level that is expected of you. With Platinum Drivers on your side, this will be accomplished. We are in search of class A and class B drivers to join our team. We work to the best of our ability to help you shine and to keep our client’s businesses going.

When it comes to carrying heavy and wide loads across country, there are many regulations and standard procedures that need to be followed. Specifically, you need to make sure a licensed CDL driver is behind the wheel. A CDL driver is experienced and trained in driving MAC trucks and heavy loads. They can handle any kind of situation and know exactly how to maneuver a large truck.

Finding the kind of CDL driver you need that has all of the necessary credentials can be a difficult task. Here at Platinum Drivers, we handle your search for drivers for you. We are a premier driver placement service located in all areas of Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and we have an extensive list of CDL drivers that will match with your needs, guaranteed. We keep a current list of those who have passed all of the necessary requirements for becoming a commercial driver.

Dedicated to Driver Placement

Platinum Drivers’ driver staffing services consist of staff that has expertise in the area of recruiting, qualifying and placing commercial truck drivers. For your next heavy load transportation take advantage of this great opportunity to make sure that a reliable driver to transporting the goods from point A to point B safely and on time. Our main goal is to deliver our customer’s products on time and our drivers are provided with a great job opportunity.

We hope that you find useful resources and information to help you make the decision to choose Platinum Drivers. We provide premier truck driver staffing to various companies throughout the states of Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and we know you’ll be a great candidate. The work we are trying to fulfill with professional truck drivers are required to provide on-time and undamaged local deliveries for our customers in the safest, most efficient, and courteous manner. If this is you, call Platinum Drivers today.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find Platinum Drivers to have everything you need for your next deliver across country by us providing you with a licensed CDL driver. Our standards are set very high for our drivers and this is to ensure the safety and efficient delivery of the products in a reasonable time frame. We are located in all areas of Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.  We look forward to providing you with the most experienced CDL drivers.