Platinum Drivers matches professional class A and class B drivers that are serious about their work with CDL Driver jobs in Miami, with companies that are looking for quality candidates. By fitting the right commercial driving positions with the right candidates, we provide both businesses and drivers with a valuable service, eliminating the searching, background checking and researching for both sides. Miami driver jobs are available now for commercial drivers with many different licenses, experience, and qualifications. We provide drivers with consistent and continuous work opportunities with companies that respect your needs and appreciate your experience. For businesses, we provide you with drivers with the experience and certifications you need, as well as clean backgrounds and good records, so you can be sure your freight is secure and arrives at your destination on time.

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Businesses are seeking drivers like you to transport various freight to locations all across the country. You can choose from local CDL jobs, regional truck driving jobs or jobs that take you across the country. You can select the positions that fit with your schedule, lifestyle and with your experience. We also offer training and developmental resources to drivers who want to expand their skills and take on more work. We understand the importance of keeping consistent work under your belt and not having to worry about where your next job will take you or when it will be available. With an organized staffing system and clients all over the country seeking qualified drivers, we have concentrated driving jobs in one place and streamlined the system for the benefit of both drivers and businesses. Whether you are a new driver and you are looking to build your experience and work your way to new jobs and new opportunities, or you are an experienced driver with many different qualifications and certifications, we have quality jobs with pay that is respective to your abilities and skills. Choose from flatbed jobs and dry van jobs, tractor-trailer jobs, long-distance jobs and local jobs, all using the equipment you have experience with. Our clients are seeking both Class A and Class B drivers to transport goods to locations across the city, state, and country. If you have certifications to handle heavy, wide and over-sized loads, or you have experience with other specialized equipment or situations, yours skills are in high demand. With jobs concentrated in one place and many different companies to choose from, you can pick and choose the work that is right for you. You will not be committed to a single company or be obligated to continue working with any business if the work doesn’t suit you. We take care of background checking and filing certifications with the businesses you choose to work with, so you don’t have to file and refile paperwork again and again. This streamlines the process and makes it faster and easier to get on the road.

For businesses that need fast and reliable transport, we have line haul truck drivers, OTR truck drivers, P & D drivers, yard drivers, delivery drivers and more for every distance. We know how important it is to find reliable and certified drivers who will handle your freight with care and who will handle any situation on the road. We make sure our drivers hold the necessary licenses and certifications to operate the vehicles you need. We also verify the background and experience of our drivers, eliminating the hassle, time, expense and paperwork for you. You will have reliable drivers to transport goods at any time and over any distance. We eliminate the need to search for CDL drivers, and we take out all of the extra steps required to find reliable, certified, professional drivers. You can spend more time running your business and taking care of bigger priorities, and allow us to help you find the best drivers for the job. We keep records and files organized, and we have built long-lasting relationships with top companies across the nation, as well as long-lasting relationships with experienced and qualified drivers. Businesses and employees alike utilize Platinum Drivers to eliminate the extra steps and extra time keeping you from getting the job done.

If you are a driver in Miami looking for CDL jobs in your area and you would like to be home daily while taking advantage of regular, continuous work then fill out an online application today! To learn more about the positions we have available in your area you can Contact us here. If you are a business looking for quality, reliable, certified drivers to get your merchandise from point A to point B anywhere in the country, give us a call today. Tell us what you are looking for, the drivers you need and the certifications you need in your staff. We will tell you more about our drivers and our commercial driving positions, and help you get the drivers you need.

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