At Platinum Drivers, we specialize in pairing up class A and class B drivers who are searching for commercial driver jobs in Charlotte, NC with trucking companies who are looking for qualified drivers to fill open positions. Whether you’re a driver on the hunt for CDL jobs in Charlotte or you’re a trucking company that just can’t seem to find reliable drivers, Platinum Drivers has you covered. There are more and more companies from across the world that are starting to ship products to the U.S. through ports in North Carolina, and Platinum Drivers is striving to make it easy for truckers and trucking companies to take advantage of this surplus of shipping activity.

Commercial Driver Jobs in Charlotte, NC

Class A and class B drivers are in high demand in most parts of the country right now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to find the right fit. Platinum Drivers can help drivers narrow down their search by suggesting jobs that might be a good fit for them based on their qualifications and experience. Whether you’re looking for class A and class B driver jobs that will help you stay close to home or jobs that will take you across the country, we can find the jobs best suited to your skill level and your specific expertise. This will help you land a trucking job you love in no time.

Truck Driver Placement Agency in Charlotte, NC

Many trucking companies are having a tough time filling some of their commercial driver jobs in Charlotte these days due to the lack of available truckers. Platinum Drivers can make this problem a thing of the past for your company by matching you up with drivers who are ready to fill open class A and class B driver jobs to your company It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for drivers to fill local CDL jobs in Charlotte or drivers who don’t mind working in other parts of the region or even the country. Platinum Drivers can search for the best candidates for jobs, carry out background checks, and do all the relevant research for your company.

Call Platinum Drivers at 704-336-0532 today if you’re a driver interested in seeing which commercial driver jobs are available or a trucking company trying to locate drivers for class A and class B driver openings.