A CDL Placement Company Can Help Trucking Companies in Myriad Ways

A CDL placement company can help trucking businesses in several ways.

Streamlined Hiring

If you want fast and streamlined hiring, have a CDL placement company handle interviews, background checks and skill tests. CDL placement companies focus on searching for/recruiting quality drivers. Because this is their business, they typically have a pool of qualified drivers “in their stable.” Rather than try and handle hiring on your own, why not rely on a CDL placement company to do that work for you?

Full Time and Seasonal Help

CDL placement companies can also be helpful to trucking businesses by helping them fill both temporary and seasonal positions. With the holidays coming, there will certainly be an increased demand for drivers to deliver holiday gifts. Therefore, many trucking companies will be scrambling to find extra help now through the end of the year. After all, people want their stuff delivered in time for Christmas. If and when a trucking company has a big job ahead, during an especially busy time, a CDL placement company offers pre-screened/pre-hired drivers.

An Extra Management Voice

Some trucking companies don’t want to handle driver management duties, particularly when it comes to day-to-day driver management. Thankfully, some CDL placement companies not only help with staffing issues, but can even do driver monitoring, as well as handle drivers’ benefits as well as issues related to safety and/or compliance. This takes work off the plate of already busy trucking companies who’d rather outsource driver management! Consider it a way to join up with a team of professionals to help run your business so you’re not overwhelmed.

Risk Mitigation

What about minimizing risk? If a CDL placement company is also an agency that employs drivers, then they handle taxes, benefits, insurance, etc. If drivers go on leave or resign, it’s on them, rather than on you. Let them handle direct hiring issues.

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