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Best Trucker Certifications to Get

Commercial Driving 101 on Chalkboard for Class to Read

Okay, so you want to be a trucker and you need some certifications, right? What are some of the best to get? CDL The main certification you’ll both want and need to be a professional truck driver these days is your CDL (Commercial Driver License). You need one of these if you drive interstate, within… Read more »

Lack of Parking Is an Issue for Truck Drivers

Several Semi Trucks Parked in Parking Lot

If you’re a truck driver, you probably experienced a time when you wanted to park your truck but there weren’t any available spaces. This is an all-too-common problem in the trucking industry. Now, on some highways, you’ll see a sign that indicates how many parking spaces are available for trucks at rest stops ahead, and… Read more »

What Types Of Vehicles Are Used In Trucking?

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If it weren’t for truck drivers, modern society would cease to function. Just take a trip on any highway in America and look around you. There are so many different types of trucks used to transport goods from one place to another, and these trucks form the lifeblood of our economy. So what types of… Read more »

How to Safely Share the Road With Truck Drivers

Many motorists have no idea about trucks. They tend to think of them operating just like small cars do. Truckers know, however, that a big rig is nothing like a small car on the road. There are many things truckers wish motorists knew about big rigs. For instance, a big rig uses gears to shift… Read more »

How to Know if Your Vision is Okay For the Road

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As a truck driver, you’re on the road with a big rig that intimidates others. They put their trust in you, assuming that you won’t hit them. However, some truck drivers have physical problems that can cause accidents if not treated “before it’s too late.” One of those problems deals with vision. Good vision is… Read more »

What Happens to Your CDL if You Get a DUI?

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Truckers depend on having their CDL (commercial driver’s license) in order to make a living, feed their families, and have somewhere to go every day to work and get paid. What happens to your CDL if you get a DUI? Unfortunately, you get your CDL suspended for one year for first time offenders. If it’s… Read more »

How Can Truck Drivers Eat Healthy And Exercise While Out on the Road?

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It’s not always easy for truckers to eat healthy and exercise while out on the road. Go into any truck stop in America and look around– there are plenty of high calorie, sugary snacks and drinks for sale. Heck, that’s even true of most supermarkets for non-truckers, too. Being on the road, it may seem… Read more »

Things to Remember When Shopping for Used Commercial Trucks

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There’s just something special about owning one’s own truck. For commercial drivers, investing in their own commercial truck is a costly but typically worthwhile purchase. When shopping for a used commercial truck, it’s important to check many things, including its service records. To make sure these records are legit, check to make sure they match… Read more »