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How Truck Drivers can Improve on Fuel Efficiency

Truck driver filling truck with diesel fuel

Do you drive a truck? Are you annoyed by the outrageous fuel prices? You should be! These days it’s a good idea to figure out some ways to improve fuel efficiency in order to save some money at the pumps and down the road. So, what can a truck driver do to improve their fuel… Read more »

What Makes a Great Truck Driver?

Truck Drivers

What makes a great truck driver? Well, why not ask two truck drivers for their opinions, since they do the job daily and they know the lifestyle and see what’s good about their fellow truckers… Quotes From Truck Drivers Vince Jungenberg, Jr., is a truck driver based out of the Midwest. He says, “First and… Read more »

Why Truck Driving Businesses Should Work With a Staffing Agency

Truck Driving Placement Agencies

Finding good, qualified workers for your company is often easier said than done. This is especially true in the truck driving industry, where demand for experienced drivers is high. One way to find qualified drivers to help your organization is to use a truck driver placement agency. Let’s look at a few of the benefits… Read more »

How to Become a Truck Driver Instructor

Truck drivers are responsible for moving a considerable amount of goods throughout the United States every year. Before they head out on the road, they are taught by instructors on how to nuances of the job. To become an instructor, however, there are a few requirements that are needed. First and foremost, you need to… Read more »

Uber for Trucking Apps: Transforming Our Industry

When Uber was introduced a few years ago, it transformed the taxi service forever. Now there are new apps being released that could alter the freight industry for the better. Cargomatic and Convoy are two of the mobile applications that are looking replace the traditional middleman linking truckers to shippers and vice versa. The creation… Read more »

Why Logistics is a Growing Industry

Similar to the trucking industry, the U.S. depends on logisticians to make sure that products get from one location to their destination. An important element of any business, it is the responsibility of a logistician to analyze and coordinate the supply chain. This includes managing the life cycle of a product – from how the… Read more »

What Falls Under the Distracted Driving Umbrella?

Few things are more dangerous than a distracted, inattentive driver on the road. Regardless of whether you drive an 18-wheeler or a small, 2-door vehicle, distracted driving puts you and others at serious risk. In an attempt to curb distracted driving amongst truck drivers, both the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and the PHMSA… Read more »

Shortages Put Experienced Truck Drivers in Demand

Truck Driver Shortages

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll notice a trend: the trucking industry is growing but there aren’t enough qualified drivers. Right now there’s a need for about 35,000 more drivers, and that could grow to a staggering 240,000 in the next decade according to the American Trucking Association. Take, for instance, the Central Valley… Read more »

What can Truck Drivers do to Ensure Safety on the Road?

Platinum Drivers

Many drivers on the road become nervous when they see a Mack truck roll up next to them or see one approaching their vehicle in their review mirror. What they don’t realize, however, is that most truck drivers take a proactive approach to ensure their and other motorist’s safety. If you’re a truck driver looking… Read more »