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How a Truck Driver Staffing Agency Can Help Your Company Find the Right Fit

Truck Driver Staffing Agency

You’re at a trucking company and you’re looking for good candidates who’ll work for you, right? But how do you find those people? Do you hang signs up around town? Put your phone number on the back of trucks and hope they’ll call and inquire about jobs? Go to places where potential truckers might congregate… Read more »

Things You Might Ask When Looking for a Truck-Driving Job

Platinum Drivers

When looking for a new job, there are many general questions that can be asked to just about any employer. Questions about the history of the company, pay, and benefits can be asked at any job. But, when looking for a truck-driving job, there are many specific questions that should be asked specifically to that… Read more »

Sick On The Road: Tips For Beating That Winter Illness

Platinum Drivers

For truck drivers, the only thing worse than being sick at home is being sick on the road. When you’re halfway across the country, you can’t just pull over and hunker down in a hotel for a few days. Here are a few things you can do when the sniffles and sneezes begin to drown… Read more »

The Benefits of Driver Leasing Companies

Driver leasing is a staffing option that doesn’t require trucking companies to directly employ their drivers. It’s a relationship that has proven beneficial to both truck owners and the drivers that are “leased” to drive the trucks. Truck staffing agencies like Platinum Drivers will keep a list of drivers who are qualified and capable of… Read more »