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How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Feeling Burned Out

Truck Drivers Avoiding Burnout

Like any job, trucking can get “old” and “tiresome.” When you do the same thing, over and over, for 40 to 90 hours a week, it can lead to burnout. Did you know that burnout is defined in the dictionary as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress?” Long Haul Burnout If the… Read more »

The Signs of Truck Driver Fatigue

Drawing of truck driver tired

Did you know that a study found that 13% of commercial motor vehicle drivers were found to be fatigued at the time they were involved in an accident? As such, it’s essential that truck drivers know what driver fatigue is, what the warning signs of driver fatigue are and what they can do to combat… Read more »

Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Mental Health While on the Road

Happy truck driver looking at reflection after working on his mental health

People who don’t drive trucks for a living have an idea that being a truck driver is easy– “they just drive all day.” Well, truckers have a job that’s taxing both physically and mentally. There’s a lot to driving a big rig, and it can take its toll on a person’s mental health. How can… Read more »

Why It’s Prudent for Truck Drivers to Take Vacations

Truck driver on vacation in pool with his wife and two children

Are you a professional truck driver or live with one? It seems like truckers are always on the road, driving somewhere. But what about vacations? It’s prudent for truck drivers to take vacations. After all, the job can be stressful, with long hours, traffic jams, difficult people to deal with, etc. Meanwhile, truckers have to… Read more »

What is Driver Fatigue?

Tired truck driver falling asleep at wheel

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Most people aren’t, including truck drivers. People who drive trucks should be getting 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep each night, but that’s not always the case. When drivers are really, really tired, that’s known as driver fatigue, and it can be fatal…. Read more »

Consider These Presents for the Truck Driver In Your Life

Truck driver taking a break in the back of his cab

Truck drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks, going down the open road, traveling from city to city and then some… What kind of gifts would be good for the truck driver in your life? Help Truck Drivers Protect Their Valuables For starters, how about a portable diversion safe they can take with… Read more »

Why Sleep Apnea is a Concern For Truck Drivers

Young male truck driver sleeping in bed with apnea machine

Have you heard of sleep apnea? It’s when a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping. For those who have sleep apnea, they can feel tired and irritable during the day since they did not get the kind of restful sleep they truly needed. Good sleep is important, especially if your job is to… Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Weight Gain

Truck Driver Walking in Parking Lot

There are hefty truck drivers. There are thin ones. What can truck drivers do to keep weight off? Well, the trucking lifestyle isn’t an easy one. You may be away from home for days or weeks at a time. You may only encounter fast food joints and vending machines full of sugary sodas and snacks…. Read more »

Make Summertime Trucking Routes a Success by Following These Tips

Happy truck driver giving a thumbs up at rest stop

Summertime usually means not just warm driving days, but hot ones. And then you factor in the humidity? You’ll be sweatin’! So what are some summertime tips for truck drivers? Stay Cool In the old days, truckers didn’t have air conditioned cabs and they didn’t carry water bottles everywhere. But in 2021, thankfully, you can… Read more »