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Training Truck Drivers to Reduce Fuel Costs

Fuel-efficient drivers mean cost-efficient services. Help your drivers reduce pollution and fuel costs by training them accordingly. There are many factors that go into operating heavy trucks, and some novice drivers may overlook huge opportunities to save money and gas.

Let’s take a look at a few ways drivers can reduce fuel costs:

    • Driving speed is a huge fuel factor in which most people don’t realize. Accelerating to a maximum of fifty-five mph saves 20% more fuel than accelerating to a maxim of sixty-five mph.
    •  Accelerating too fast, along with stop and go traffic, wastes an exorbitant amount of usable fuel.
    • Use the magic of aerodynamics to improve gas mileage by almost ten percent. Trailer add-ons and truck skirts can add to the shape, cutting out air resistance.
    • Reduce idling time, as it can waste over a gallon per hour, just from leaving the engine running.

For a closer look at how to make your truck more efficient, check out this awesome infographic from


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