The Importance of Truck Driver Communication

If you mention the word “trucker” to someone, they immediately think of driving– after all, a trucker does a lot of driving goods to and from various places. But there’s more to trucking than just getting behind a wheel, pushing down on the gas pedal, reading maps and making deliveries. Trucker communication is actually a really important aspect of the job. Just like with most jobs, a trucker can fail or succeed based on his or her communication skills and willingness to communicate.

How Truckers  Communicate

Truckers often communicate with a variety of people in a variety of ways. Typically, they talk with other truckers, as well as their customers and office personnel, too. Truck drivers often use a CB radio to communicate with people. They might also use their truck’s lights, flashers and turn signals, or, perhaps their smartphone(s) or computers. Communication is used to exchange information.

With trucking, information matters. Truckers need to know road conditions. They need to know about traffic ahead. Truckers often talk with other truckers (usually via CB radio) to find out vital info, from “How’s the weather there?” to “How long is traffic backed up on that particular stretch of the highway?” Truckers also like to just talk about anything and everything over their CB radios because it helps pass the time and build camaraderie with other like-minded truckers. And, if one trucker is having a problem, he or she can alert other nearby truckers to come help.

Office workers and customers may communicate with truckers (and vice versa) in order to find out where the truck is, what time they’re arriving with a shipment, etc. Things like weight scales, fuel, truck stops, news that affects a particular area and other stuff might be discussed in order that everyone is on the same page and the job can ideally get done right and on time.

If a trucker never talked to or communicated with anyone else, he or she could not do their job effectively. It’s as simple as that.

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