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What Makes a Truck Driving Candidate Qualified?

What Makes a Truck Driving Candidate Qualified?

Qualified Truck DriversHow do you know if a truck driving candidate is truly “qualified” for a job? Here are some telltale signs.

CDL in Hand

First and foremost, a trucker will need to obtain a CDL from their state of residence. CDL stands for “commercial driver’s license.”

In order to get a CDL, a trucker will have to attend a truck driving school, where they’ll learn both head knowledge and get practical driving knowledge/experience.

Clean Driving Record

Qualified truckers will need to have a clean driving record and a solid work history, ideally.

DOT Qualifications

Did you know all professional truck drivers must be at least 21-years-old? That’s a rule from the DOT (Department of Transportation).

Meanwhile, qualified drivers need to pass a drug and alcohol test, indicating they don’t abuse those things, as well as undergo a physical by an approved doctor to make sure they’re physically capable of the job.

Important Job Traits

If you were to ask current truck drivers what makes a qualified driver, they’d most likely say three things: knowledge, experience and a safe driving record. Interestingly, the trucking industry, including recruiters, are having a hard time finding these type of people. It turns out the majority of applicants aren’t qualified if you’re to believe the research.

Reasons They May Be Unemployed

Specifically, what’s going on? While many applicants have experience driving trucks, the reasons they don’t get hired may include having too many accidents in a certain time frame, holding too many different jobs within the past few years, and/or having a felony or DWI on their record. Oftentimes, trucking companies have very strict hiring policies to the point where if a person doesn’t meet each and every requirement, they’re not considered for the job. The standards are very high, making it hard to fill positions with truly qualified quality drivers.

Utilizing a Truck Driver Placement Agency

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