What is the Interview Process Like for Commercial Truck Drivers?

Job Interview Process for Truck DriversThe trucking industry is constantly on the lookout for new/more drivers. There’s a constant workforce shortage in North America and high turnover rates to boot. Recruiters use several methods to try and get potential applicants to be interviewed, to see if they’d be a good fit for various trucking company needs.

How Drivers Are Found

What are ways the trucking industry tries to find workers? There are ads put in newspapers, as well as online (using job boards) and good old fashioned recruitment flyers handed out at local events and organizations where potential truckers might be. Then there are companies and websites devoted to trucker searches. And, of course, there’s networking through the industry typically involving word of mouth referrals. For example, one seasoned veteran knows his friend’s son is just out of college, looking for work, can’t find a job, but might be “just right” for trucking…

The Interview Process for Truck Drivers

Now what about the interview process for becoming a trucker? What’s it like? Companies typically ask applicants what they’ve heard about the company. If he or she knows some key information and can talk about it, that shows they’ve at least done some research before the interview. Showing that sort of initiative is a good thing– it means they cared enough to learn a bit about the company they might like to work for. Next, an applicant is likely going to be asked about their driving record/driving history. Have they graduated from a trucking school? If so, which one and how was their experience there? Meanwhile, what license do they hold– and are they permitted to drive the proper class for the intended truck they’d be driving for said company?

Other questions an interviewer might ask an interviewee include:

“Is your family okay with you being on the road/away from them for long periods of time?”
“Are you okay with unpredictable schedules and working conditions?”
“Are you willing to commit to working a minimum of one year?”
“Why do you want to work for us?”

Hiring policies are in place. Interviewees typically need to provide a copy of their driver’s license, proof of citizenship or work permit, a valid medical card, and their social security number/insurance number. They’ll take a drug test. And they’ll probably be given a competency test whereas they demonstrate basic working knowledge on the actual road.

If you’re thinking of becoming a trucker, now’s a great time to get into the industry. Platinum Drivers specializes in matching truck driving candidates with the right job for their needs. Learn more by contacting one of our offices or by emailing info@platinumdrivers.com.