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Tips for Passing Your CDL Driving Test

CDL TestTo drive big rigs, you need to pass the CDL exam. CDL stands for “Commercial Driver’s License.” The exam involves a written portion concerning things like rules and regulations, while the driving portion is all about seeing whether or not you’ve got what it takes to safely steer a giant truck around parking lots, roads, etc.

For some people, taking the CDL exam is fraught with anxiety. It feels like their whole career depends on it, and examiners want it to feel that way. It’s a way to see if a person can “handle the pressure.” After all, taking the CDL test is stressful, just like driving a truck can be. How good are you working under pressure? Do you have calm and steady nerves? Are you able to relax enough to get the job done properly?

Go into a CDL exam with as much confidence as you can muster. A positive attitude can help you overcome anxiety. Even if you make a small mistake, keep pressing on. Don’t dwell on that one little mistake or else you’ll end up making plenty more. Focus is important.

As for the driving part of the exam, some of the things to avoid include hitting a curb, rolling backward from a stop, and not checking your mirrors before changing lanes. Of course you also should not run a red light, forget to use turn signals, or get in an accident.

Whatever you can do to keep yourself mentally sharp for your test– do it! You might want to create a mental checklist in your mind of what to do/what not to do. You might want to practice beforehand so you’re not going into the test unprepared.

The DMV website offers “cheat sheets” to help you study for the test: On that site you can also take the CDL practice test to get yourself in the mental mood for taking the actual written test later on.

Don’t stress. Practice and prepare and take the test with a positive attitude. You can pass it!

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