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How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Tire Violations

Closeup of tire on semi truck

If you drive a truck you know that you don’t want to violate vehicle maintenance rules. Therefore, you’ve got to be on the lookout for a regrooved tire on the front of a truck, an underinflated tire, weight carried exceeding the tire load limit, exposed fabric, ply or belt material on the tire, sidewall or… Read more »

Could New Federal Regulations Cause Shipping Costs to Rise?

Federal Regulation for Truck Drivers

Recently a new federal regulation took effect that requires drivers of big rigs equipped with electronic logs to use them to record their time behind the wheel. Regulators can now better enforce existing rules limiting driving time. The utilization of these electronic logs mean that drivers are likely to travel fewer number of miles in… Read more »

Tips for Passing Your CDL Driving Test

To drive big rigs, you need to pass the CDL exam. CDL stands for “Commercial Driver’s License.” The exam involves a written portion concerning things like rules and regulations, while the driving portion is all about seeing whether or not you’ve got what it takes to safely steer a giant truck around parking lots, roads,… Read more »

EPA Puts Phase 2 In Place For Idling Truck Standards

New rules set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1,690 page greenhouse gas pollution rule book is giving worry to truck drivers. Right now, there is great concern for the safety of the environment due to heavy-duty truck idling, especially when truck drivers idle their trucks during required rest breaks during day and weeklong trips…. Read more »

Truck Drivers Will Be Required To Log Hours Electronically

Platinum Drivers

For decades upon decades, truck drivers have logged their miles with a paper and pen. However, as has been the case with businesses and industries around the country, truck drivers will soon be replacing pens and papers with an electronic device. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is the major authoritative voice for truck… Read more »

What Is A Compliance Review and How Does It Affect Commercial Carriers

In order to operate a commercial truck, drivers have to obtain a particular commercial driver’s license and follow many regulations, including a compliance review. In order to ensure that a commercial truck carrier is properly following regulations, the compliance review provides an on-site examination of motor carrier operations. This examination is meant for evaluating whether… Read more »

What Does the Sleeper Berth Provision Allow You To Do?

Driving a commercial vehicle is a safety sensitive position that requires you to be at your best whenever you’re on the road. Of course, that means avoiding things that hinder your driving ability and judgment, like drugs and alcohol. However, research and data collected over the years have shown that adequate rest is very important… Read more »

When Are Truck Drivers “Off-Duty”?

Because truck drivers are in such a safety sensitive position, there are a plethora of rules and regulations to follow when it comes to how they spend their workdays. A driver is required to log their hours, in part to prove that they are operating within these guidelines. But what about when a truck driver… Read more »

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License

The average person doesn’t know how to drive a bus or a big truck with double or triple trailers. They also don’t know how to handle trucks with tanks or hazardous materials. They go about their lives with their state driver’s license, going to school, the mall, and other places around town in their Chevys,… Read more »