What Is A Compliance Review and How Does It Affect Commercial Carriers

Compliance ReviewIn order to operate a commercial truck, drivers have to obtain a particular commercial driver’s license and follow many regulations, including a compliance review.

In order to ensure that a commercial truck carrier is properly following regulations, the compliance review provides an on-site examination of motor carrier operations. This examination is meant for evaluating whether or not the carrier is capable of meeting safety standards.

Within the compliance review, reports of the following are inspected: the driver’s hours of service, maintenance and inspection, driver qualification, commercial driver’s license requirements, financial responsibility, accidents and hazardous materials.

Compliance reviews can be conducted at any time, but are most often are the result of violations being broken, complaints being made or the request to change a safety rating. After the review is complete, the carrier will receive a rating of satisfactory, conditional or unsatisfactory.

According to the Compliance, Safety and Accountability Regulations, a driver in violation can be removed from the road immediately. Commercial truck carriers can avoid heavy penalty costs and jeopardizing of crucial timelines from removal of drivers by ensuring all safety measures are met. Compliance requirements should be up to date, and adequate record-keeping is vitally important.

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