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Drowsy Driving Can Easily be as Fatal as Drunk Driving

Driving when you are under the influence of any substance, drowsy, or distracted can be extremely dangerous. Facing these conditions while on the road in the driver’s seat can put you, your passengers, and all of the other cars on the road in major danger. When driving tired, your reaction time is slowed, you are… Read more »

The Importance of Good Posture While Driving

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Your grandmother scolded you for it and your doctor warns you about it, but how often do you truly focus on having good posture? Today, most Americans suffer from back pain due to poor posture; and for many people, the pain becomes chronic. As a driver, you know all too well how long drives have… Read more »

What Is A Compliance Review and How Does It Affect Commercial Carriers

In order to operate a commercial truck, drivers have to obtain a particular commercial driver’s license and follow many regulations, including a compliance review. In order to ensure that a commercial truck carrier is properly following regulations, the compliance review provides an on-site examination of motor carrier operations. This examination is meant for evaluating whether… Read more »