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What’s It Like Working With a Truck Driver Placement Agency?

Businesswoman inviting new drivers to the truck driver placement agency

If you’re a truck driver, you could seek out jobs on your own, but that can sometimes be a hassle– a frustrating hassle. Thankfully, there are driver placement agencies like Platinum Drivers, a company dedicated to driver placement. A staffing agency exists to match up truck drivers with trucking companies who need truckers. The agency… Read more »

Avoid These Hiring Mistakes When Interviewing Truck Drivers

Woman executive interviewing potential truck driving candidate

Trying to hire truck drivers but you don’t want to make mistakes? Here are some tips to avoid mistakes when hiring truck drivers. Going With What’s Familiar For starters, it can be easy to hire someone who is familiar, right? “Well, Joe knows Bob and Bob is looking for work so I guess he’d be… Read more »

Why Can’t I Find a Trucking Job?

Truck Driver in cab

If you read the news, you know that there’s generally a trucker shortage in America. There has been for years and the problem seems to just be getting worse as time goes by. So you would think that the trucking industry would be so desperate that they’d throw out all their rules and regulations and… Read more »

A New Pilot Program Wants Teenage Long Haul Truck Drivers

Teenage Truck Driver in Cab of Long Haul Truck

Could teenagers fill in the gaps for the trucking industry in the U.S.? There is a severe lack of drivers in the U.S. right now, and that has contributed to all sorts of supply chain problems. If you have noticed empty shelves at the local stores, it’s probably because there aren’t enough truckers to bring… Read more »

A CDL Placement Company Can Help Trucking Companies in Myriad Ways

Files in Filing Cabinet at Truck Driver Placement Agency

A CDL placement company can help trucking businesses in several ways. Streamlined Hiring If you want fast and streamlined hiring, have a CDL placement company handle interviews, background checks and skill tests. CDL placement companies focus on searching for/recruiting quality drivers. Because this is their business, they typically have a pool of qualified drivers “in… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Partner With a Truck Driving Temp Agency

Semi Truck Driver

Do you have your commercial drivers license, aka your “CDL?” Have you considered partnering with a temp agency to get some work? Why would you? These days, truck drivers have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a job. One of those options is to work with a temp agency. Many trucking companies are… Read more »

Here’s One Trucking-Related Reason the Cost of Goods is Increasing

Rising costs text on a red increasing arrow

So, 2020 saw the world experience the Coronavirus pandemic. And what did that entail? Well, a lot of Americans were given money by the government, which is unprecedented, right? Usually the government demands its people give them more and more money. But in 2020 and 2021, suddenly the government is giving people $600 here and… Read more »

The Difficulties of Hiring Reliable Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Staffing Agency

Few things are more important to a logistics company than having the right truck drivers in place. Hiring an inexperienced or incompetent truck driver could lead to major customer services issues, costing your company time and money as you work to rectify issues. As such, it makes hiring the right truck drivers a critical part… Read more »

What Things Do Millennial Truck Drivers Value?

Millennial Truck Driver

Is your trucking company having a hard time attracting millennial truck drivers? This is a problem that the entire trucking industry is facing at the moment. There is a massive shortage of truck drivers, and it’s due in large part to the fact that some millennials don’t consider truck driving a viable career option. It… Read more »