What Things Do Millennial Truck Drivers Value?

Millennial Truck DriverIs your trucking company having a hard time attracting millennial truck drivers? This is a problem that the entire trucking industry is facing at the moment. There is a massive shortage of truck drivers, and it’s due in large part to the fact that some millennials don’t consider truck driving a viable career option. It means you’ll need to go above and beyond to attract the millennial drivers who are working in the industry. Check out some of these things these younger truck drivers value so that you can figure out the best ways to recruit them to your company.

Mobile-friendly job applications

How easy is it for millennial drivers to apply for positions within your company? If you’re still asking them to mail in applications for your open positions, you’re probably missing out on attracting tons of great candidates! Most millennials own smartphones and spend a lot of time on them throughout the course of a day. Make it easy for them to apply for your open trucking positions right on their phones. It should increase the number of applications you receive.

Health and wellness initiatives

The trucking industry has earned a bad reputation when it comes to health and wellness. Many older truckers have been forced to deal with chronic diseases like diabetes that have cast a shadow over the industry as a whole. Work to change this by instituting health and wellness initiatives that make people’s overall well-being more of a priority. It’ll help to reverse the idea that the trucking industry doesn’t care about the health of its drivers.

Positive cultures

Many millennials say that they want to work at a job that is meaningful in some way. It’s your job to figure out how to make the careers you’re offering more meaningful. You can do it by staging driver appreciation events for your employees and pushing your drivers to move up in the world of trucking from the second they sign up to drive for your company. You should create mentoring programs and training courses that are designed to help millennial truckers advance in their careers over time.

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