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What Should Truck Drivers Do During a Snowstorm?

Semi Truck Driving in Blizzard Like Conditions

Truck drivers sometimes encounter bad snowstorms. If and when you’re a trucker and you’re faced with the task of driving through horrific winter conditions, what should you do? How should you handle driving during a snowstorm? Adapt to the Weather Quickly Well, like any situation, you learn to adapt to whatever comes your way, right?… Read more »

Things Truck Drivers Should Check Before Leaving

Truck driver fixing track

Truck drivers have a long list of things to check before departing for their trip. Check Under the Hood First things first: tip the hood of the truck so you can gain access to the engine. You’ll want to check fluid levels (oil/coolant) and look for any leaks that need attention. Are the caps all… Read more »

The Importance of Truck Driver Communication

Truck driver on radio

If you mention the word “trucker” to someone, they immediately think of driving– after all, a trucker does a lot of driving goods to and from various places. But there’s more to trucking than just getting behind a wheel, pushing down on the gas pedal, reading maps and making deliveries. Trucker communication is actually a… Read more »

How Motorists Can Help Keep Truck Drivers Safe

Driver with truck radio

If you drive a small car and you’re next to a semi on the highway, realize that the big truck weighs a lot more than your car– like, 16 times as much! So, just like little kids defer to big adults, small cars need to give big trucks their space on the road. How can… Read more »

Signs You Should Become a Truck Driver

Girl truck driver

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about hitting the open road, feeling the rumble of a powerful engine beneath you, and seeing the sights as you traverse the great expanse of this beautiful country? Well, if you’ve got a wanderer’s soul and a passion for adventure, maybe it’s time to consider becoming a truck driver…. Read more »

How to Stay Healthy in a Sedentary Job

Truck Driver

People who do a job where they stand on their feet for eight hours a day often envy people who don’t, such as truckers. Indeed, most truckers spend a good chunk of their time on the job sitting in the driver’s seat, watching the road, and getting their cargo to the places it needs to… Read more »

How to Become a More Efficient Truck Driver

Truck Driver putting truck in cruise control

Are you a truck driver who’d like to be a more efficient truck driver? How can you achieve that goal? Scheduling For starters, effective route planning (and scheduling) can make truck driving more efficient. Planning certain routes can help reduce the number of miles driven while also increasing fuel efficiency. It can also lead to… Read more »

What Should You Do After You Graduate from CDL School?

A man in a truck on a CB radio.

If you’re going to drive a big rig (a large commercial truck) then you’ll need a commercial driver’s license, also known as your “CDL.” What’s considered large? A truck weighing more than 26,001 pounds or towing a unit weighing over 10,000 pounds. CDL Requirements Depending on which state you live in, in order to get… Read more »