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Is Truck Driving a Smart Career Path?

Happy truck driver looking at reflection after working on his mental health

Are you bored living where you live? Are you tired of doing your current job and looking for something different? Why not consider driving a truck for your new career? Strong Earning Potential One of the main reasons people become truck drivers is for the money, of course, and it can pay well. But there’s… Read more »

The First Year of Being a Truck Driver Might Be the Most Difficult

Young, first year truck driver in his cab

So you’re training to become a truck driver and you’re getting ready for your first year on the road. How will it go? The first year of being a truck driver might be the hardest. Everything’s new, after all– meeting new people, getting used to a new job, the truck you’ll drive, using new driving… Read more »

Why Might a Semi Truck Overheat?

Repairing Broken Semi Truck that Overheated

Do you drive a big rig or semi-truck? It’s summertime and temperatures are soaring to triple digits in many places. Can a 100-degree day be good for a truck? Probably not! What are some reasons why a semi-truck might overheat? Impeded Thermostat If your truck has a partially open or stuck shut thermostat you might… Read more »

How Truckers Can Reduce Safety Risks

Truck Driver with hands on steering wheel driving safely

Driving a truck is a big responsibility. What are some steps truckers can take to minimize safety risks? Defensive Driving Defensive driving is a mindset that truckers should adopt– it basically means always looking out for potential hazards and/or changes in driving/road conditions. The more aware a driver is of his or her surroundings, the… Read more »

Getting Your CDL is a Pathway to a Rewarding Career

Classic orange semi truck on multilane highway

A CDL (commercial driver’s license) is required for those in the U.S. who operate large and heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses and trailers. What are some reasons to get your CDL? After some study, testing and practice, you can obtain a CDL which opens up new opportunities for you to work and make money. … Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Feeling Burned Out

Truck Drivers Avoiding Burnout

Like any job, trucking can get “old” and “tiresome.” When you do the same thing, over and over, for 40 to 90 hours a week, it can lead to burnout. Did you know that burnout is defined in the dictionary as “physical or mental collapse caused by overwork or stress?” Long Haul Burnout If the… Read more »

What Should Truck Drivers Do During a Snowstorm?

Semi Truck Driving in Blizzard Like Conditions

Truck drivers sometimes encounter bad snowstorms. If and when you’re a trucker and you’re faced with the task of driving through horrific winter conditions, what should you do? How should you handle driving during a snowstorm? Adapt to the Weather Quickly Well, like any situation, you learn to adapt to whatever comes your way, right?… Read more »

Things Truck Drivers Should Check Before Leaving

Truck driver fixing track

Truck drivers have a long list of things to check before departing for their trip. Check Under the Hood First things first: tip the hood of the truck so you can gain access to the engine. You’ll want to check fluid levels (oil/coolant) and look for any leaks that need attention. Are the caps all… Read more »

The Importance of Truck Driver Communication

Truck driver on radio

If you mention the word “trucker” to someone, they immediately think of driving– after all, a trucker does a lot of driving goods to and from various places. But there’s more to trucking than just getting behind a wheel, pushing down on the gas pedal, reading maps and making deliveries. Trucker communication is actually a… Read more »