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These Are the Benefits Truck Drivers Covet When Job Searching

Young man driving commercial truck

Are you a truck driver or thinking about becoming one? What are some benefits truck drivers look for when they’re seeking a job? Competitive Salary A competitive salary is definitely the main thing most truckers care about– they want to know they’re being justly compensated for the work they do for a company (or, in… Read more »

Tips for Truck Drivers Planning for Retirement

Documents about Individual retirement account IRA on a desk.

Truck drivers who plan to retire should do some planning for their retirement, especially when it comes to their financial situation. Ideally, it’s good to set oneself up for financial success later on in life, whereas money has been invested in the past to help pay for the needs of the future. There are different… Read more »

Surveillance Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck driver checking his rearview mirror

If you’re a truck driver, you know how important surveillance is– you want to make sure you’re not hitting anyone or anything when you make a lane change or a turn. What are some surveillance tips for truck drivers who want to make sure they’re aware of vehicles, people and traffic around them? No-Zone Areas… Read more »

Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Mental Health While on the Road

Happy truck driver looking at reflection after working on his mental health

People who don’t drive trucks for a living have an idea that being a truck driver is easy– “they just drive all day.” Well, truckers have a job that’s taxing both physically and mentally. There’s a lot to driving a big rig, and it can take its toll on a person’s mental health. How can… Read more »

When is This Year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

Thank You Text On Yellow Speech Bubble Made Of Paper

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11-17, 2022. This week is a time to celebrate truckers who deliver our goods safely, securely and on time. Without these 3.6 professional drivers, things would not arrive at our local stores, restaurants, etc. They help make daily life (as we know it) possible! What are some things… Read more »

Why Might a Semi Truck Overheat?

Repairing Broken Semi Truck that Overheated

Do you drive a big rig or semi-truck? It’s summertime and temperatures are soaring to triple digits in many places. Can a 100-degree day be good for a truck? Probably not! What are some reasons why a semi-truck might overheat? Wrong Temperature If your truck has a partially open or stuck shut thermostat you might… Read more »

Why It’s Prudent for Truck Drivers to Take Vacations

Truck driver on vacation in pool with his wife and two children

Are you a professional truck driver or live with one? It seems like truckers are always on the road, driving somewhere. But what about vacations? It’s prudent for truck drivers to take vacations. After all, the job can be stressful, with long hours, traffic jams, difficult people to deal with, etc. Meanwhile, truckers have to… Read more »

Is Truck Driving School a Good Investment?

CDL graphic on blacktop

Should you go to truck driving school to get your CDL? Yes, it’s a good idea. Easy to Get Started One of the main reasons people enroll in truck driving school is that they know they can easily enroll and then start to get a paycheck within a short time. Unlike other careers, which may… Read more »

The First Year of Being a Truck Driver Might Be the Most Difficult

Young, first year truck driver in his cab

So you’re training to become a truck driver and you’re getting ready for your first year on the road. How will it go? The first year of being a truck driver might be the hardest. Everything’s new, after all– meeting new people, getting used to a new job, the truck you’ll drive, using new driving… Read more »