These Are the Benefits Truck Drivers Covet When Job Searching

Are you a truck driver or thinking about becoming one? What are some benefits truck drivers look for when they’re seeking a job?

Competitive Salary

A competitive salary is definitely the main thing most truckers care about– they want to know they’re being justly compensated for the work they do for a company (or, in some cases, themselves). A paycheck needs to be steady and fair. No trucker wants to work for a company that delays paychecks or seems to favor certain people over others. Truckers also look for salary bonuses and incentives because that way they can increase their pay based on doing certain things, such as maintaining safety records or meeting specific mile goals.

Quality Insurance and Retirement Plans

One of the benefits of a good job is that it comes with affordable insurance and retirement plans. A trucking company that wants to attract workers should offer great medical, vision and dental insurance for its drivers and their families. Truckers also care about retirement benefits– they want to know there’s money set aside for “later on down the line” so they can retire and not work yet still receive money in their account(s) or have built up a good nest egg.

Paid Time Off

What are some other benefits a trucking company can offer to entice truckers to work for them? Generous paid time off and/or sign-on/referral bonuses are good ideas. Truckers also like the option of flexible routes and schedules. Furthermore, if tuition and education benefits are included, that’s an incentive, too– training costs covered by a company is a better deal than forcing the person to pay for training on their own.

Small Perks

Truckers also like practical “little” perks of the job, like being able to bring their pets along for the ride, and/or passengers such as a spouse or family member. They also like feeling part of a community, so it’s nice when there are informal or organized get-togethers of truckers and their friends and families.

Just like with any job, truckers should be respected and appreciated. If they’re not, they’re likely to quit!

Treat truckers right and your company can thrive. Treat them poorly and your company can falter.

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