How Truck Drivers can Improve on Fuel Efficiency

Do you drive a truck? Are you annoyed by the outrageous fuel prices? You should be! These days it’s a good idea to figure out some ways to improve fuel efficiency in order to save some money at the pumps and down the road.

So, what can a truck driver do to improve their fuel efficiency? There are several options available.


For starters, reduce idling when you can. For every hour you’re just idling, you’re burning about a gallon of fuel. Ideally, turn your truck off when you can to reduce fuel costs. Idle when it’s a must (such as freezing cold weather) but don’t idle when you don’t really need to, okay?

Cruise Control

What about optimizing cruise control settings? By setting your speed and sticking with it for a while, you’re helping to reduce fuel consumption. Also, if you go at a slower speed rather than faster while cruising down the highways you can also burn less fuel.

Cashing in on Incentives

If you work for a company, ask if there are incentives for you to be more fuel-efficient. If so, see if you can earn more money by saving the company money.

Preventative Maintenance

What about your truck? Regular preventative maintenance (oil changes, air filter replacements, etc.) and selecting the right tires (like low rolling resistance ones) helps improve mileage and reduce fuel costs. Also, consider using a fuel-efficient axle configuration which causes the engine to operate at a lower rpm. Keep your load height low– make your truck more aerodynamic. Modifications to your truck, like a side extender, side tank fairings and roof fairings, help with fuel economy. As for trailers, try using wheel covers, side skirts or fairings and/or boat-tails at the back of the trailer.

These are just some ideas to help truck drivers get better fuel efficiency during a time when fuel costs are soaring and every penny saved helps the bottom line.

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