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Update on the Minimum Training Rules for New Truck Drivers

What kind of training should new truck drivers be required to have? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), they’ve come up with a final ruling that dictates minimum training rules for new truck drivers. The compliance date is still a ways off, though: February 7, 2020. The mandate was set to go… Read more »

Ways to Pass the Time While in Your Cab

Platinum Drivers

In the old days of trucking, whatever AM (and later FM) radio station came in was what drivers would listen to as they crisscrossed America. So, if you were a Country music fan and there was a local station broadcasting Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn tunes you were in luck. Or maybe you’d catch the… Read more »

Traffic Violations and Commercial Truck Drivers

Since possessing a CDL (commercial driver’s license) means being held to a higher standard on the roadways, the implications of traffic violations can be more serious. Often times a standard traffic violation would just mean a fine, but for people with a CDL, it could mean losing the license and your job. A common misconception… Read more »