What Should Truck Drivers Do During a Snowstorm?

Semi truck driving in snowstorm Truck drivers sometimes encounter bad snowstorms. If and when you’re a trucker and you’re faced with the task of driving through horrific winter conditions, what should you do? How should you handle driving during a snowstorm?

Adapt to the Weather Quickly

Well, like any situation, you learn to adapt to whatever comes your way, right? When there’s crazy snow all around you, and you have snow-covered or icy roads, you’ll need to adjust how you drive in order to keep yourself, your cargo and others around you safe from harm.

Faced with snowy and icy roads, what should you do? Slow down, keep a buffer zone around your truck, and don’t travel as part of a pack. Your goal? Maximize the distance around your vehicle. You shouldn’t be following anybody too closely during whiteout conditions.

Prepare for Bad Weather

If possible, stay parked when there’s a snowstorm. If you are on the road and get stuck, kitty litter can be thrown under tires to add traction to get unstuck. Have a hammer and putty knife handy in case you need to get rid of snow or ice trying to pack up (on) air tanks. You also need to see if you have frozen brakes or tires. You might, for instance, need to pour methyl hydrate through the system to melt frozen valves.

Avoid stopping on the shoulder of a road because others might mistake you for still being on the road and slam into you. It’s best to find a proper parking lot or somewhere far off the road where you won’t bother anyone.

Take Geography into Account

Certain areas handle snow and ice better than others. For instance, parts of the Northeast are used to bad winter weather and have plenty of plows to get roads cleared quickly. Other areas, such as the Southeast, can barely handle an inch or two of snow on the ground without lots of accidents because people aren’t used to it– at all. So, be aware of where you’re driving, and if it seems like it makes sense to stay put, do so. Don’t “chance it” when the weather is awful.

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