Avoid These Hiring Mistakes When Interviewing Truck Drivers

Trying to hire truck drivers but you don’t want to make mistakes? Here are some tips to avoid mistakes when hiring truck drivers.

Going With What’s Familiar

For starters, it can be easy to hire someone who is familiar, right? “Well, Joe knows Bob and Bob is looking for work so I guess he’d be fine…” Sometimes hiring friends and friends of friends can work out great, and other times? Not so much! Be careful with hiring someone just because of familiarity or they’re an acquaintance. They have to be a good fit for your company and have the skills and training to do the job– don’t hire them just because someone “knows” them. If anything, vet them before you even consider hiring them.

Not Protecting Online Presence

Next, too many companies don’t care about their online reputation. Umm, you do realize that everything and everyone is online, don’t you? Anytime someone posts a negative review, it can easily be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. If you don’t protect your online presence, you might have a hard time attracting truck drivers. No one wants to work for a company nobody wants to work for!

Lack of Creativity

What about thinking outside the box? Sure, it can be easy to hire straight white older males to do the truck driving jobs you have in mind since they fit the stereotype… but you might be missing out on talent that just so happens to have an alternative lifestyle and/or different genitalia than you do. By the way, don’t forget the veterans looking for work– too many people ignore them, when they might actually be great candidates for truck driving work.

Infusion of Youth

Finally, it’s important to reach out to younger generations and show them trucking is a viable and worthwhile job. Companies who avoid doing that will not have any connections with young people when they need them most. Seasoned drivers will retire and need to be replaced. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring youngsters. If anything, do what you can to connect with young men and women in their teens and steer them in the direction of working for your company when they get out of school.

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