Surveillance Tips for Truck Drivers

If you’re a truck driver, you know how important surveillance is– you want to make sure you’re not hitting anyone or anything when you make a lane change or a turn. What are some surveillance tips for truck drivers who want to make sure they’re aware of vehicles, people and traffic around them?

No-Zone Areas

For starters, pay attention to your “No-Zone” areas. These are the areas around your truck where crashes are likely to occur. Be vigilant in watching for vehicles and other things in your No-Zone so you don’t make a move and accidentally hit them.

Defensive Driving

Next, drive defensively by keeping your distance, staying at a safe speed and driving alert to all that is going on around you. It’s better to see and recognize a dangerous situation “coming up” than to not be paying attention and be surprised by such a thing. With this in mind, look far enough ahead, at least a quarter mile ahead on the interstate or one and a half blocks in cities in order to know what’s in/near the road ahead.

Check Mirrors

Thirdly, check your mirrors often, since they’re there for a good reason: safety! Most drivers should be checking their mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds and especially before changing lanes, turning or merging… doing so helps drivers spot overtaking vehicles, and it’s also important to identify vehicles that may or may not move into your blind spot.

Intersection Awareness

Finally, as a truck driver, always be looking for oncoming vehicles, especially at intersections. When approaching and entering intersections, you’ll want to not only slow down but also check left, right and left again.

Surveillance is a key component of successful truck driving. In order to prevent accidents, be on the alert, noticing what’s going on in front, in back and around your truck. A lack of surveillance could result in fatalities, and that’s something no trucker wants on their record.

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