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The First Year of Being a Truck Driver Might Be the Most Difficult

Young, first year truck driver in his cab

So you’re training to become a truck driver and you’re getting ready for your first year on the road. How will it go? The first year of being a truck driver might be the hardest. Everything’s new, after all– meeting new people, getting used to a new job, the truck you’ll drive, using new driving… Read more »

How Truckers Can Reduce Safety Risks

Truck Driver with hands on steering wheel driving safely

Driving a truck is a big responsibility. What are some steps truckers can take to minimize safety risks? Defensive Driving Defensive driving is a mindset that truckers should adopt– it basically means always looking out for potential hazards and/or changes in driving/road conditions. The more aware a driver is of his or her surroundings, the… Read more »

How to Stay Healthy in a Sedentary Job

Truck Driver

People who do a job where they stand on their feet for eight hours a day often envy people who don’t, such as truckers. Indeed, most truckers spend a good chunk of their time on the job sitting in the driver’s seat, watching the road, and getting their cargo to the places it needs to… Read more »

How Truck Drivers Can Prevent Tire Violations

Closeup of tire on semi truck

If you drive a truck you know that you don’t want to violate vehicle maintenance rules. Therefore, you’ve got to be on the lookout for a regrooved tire on the front of a truck, an underinflated tire, weight carried exceeding the tire load limit, exposed fabric, ply or belt material on the tire, sidewall or… Read more »

Surveillance Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck driver checking his rearview mirror

If you’re a truck driver, you know how important surveillance is– you want to make sure you’re not hitting anyone or anything when you make a lane change or a turn. What are some surveillance tips for truck drivers who want to make sure they’re aware of vehicles, people and traffic around them? No-Zone Areas… Read more »

Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Mental Health While on the Road

Happy truck driver looking at reflection after working on his mental health

People who don’t drive trucks for a living have an idea that being a truck driver is easy– “they just drive all day.” Well, truckers have a job that’s taxing both physically and mentally. There’s a lot to driving a big rig, and it can take its toll on a person’s mental health. How can… Read more »

What is Driver Fatigue?

Tired truck driver falling asleep at wheel

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Most people aren’t, including truck drivers. People who drive trucks should be getting 7 or 8 hours of quality sleep each night, but that’s not always the case. When drivers are really, really tired, that’s known as driver fatigue, and it can be fatal…. Read more »

Why Sleep Apnea is a Concern For Truck Drivers

Young male truck driver sleeping in bed with apnea machine

Have you heard of sleep apnea? It’s when a person’s breathing repeatedly stops and starts while sleeping. For those who have sleep apnea, they can feel tired and irritable during the day since they did not get the kind of restful sleep they truly needed. Good sleep is important, especially if your job is to… Read more »

Truck Drivers: Burning Out Doesn’t Have to Be an Inevitability

Truck Driver Sleeping Recommendations

Are you a truck driver? Do you have any hobbies that have nothing to do with trucking? If so, schedule time each month to pursue those enjoyable hobbies because that’ll help you avoid burning out. You see, it’s easy for truck drivers to feel burned out from all the driving they do. All that time… Read more »