How Truckers Can Reduce Safety Risks

Driving a truck is a big responsibility. What are some steps truckers can take to minimize safety risks?

Truckers, Do These Things to Stay Safe on the Road:

Defensive driving is a mindset that truckers should adopt– it basically means always looking out for potential hazards and/or changes in driving/road conditions. The more aware a driver is of his or her surroundings, the better they’ll be. Defensive driving means watching out for blind spots, being prepared for emergencies, always signaling, and staying calm even when driving gets stressful. It also means slowing down even when tempted to speed up!

Truckers can also minimize safety risks by sticking to preventative maintenance schedules so things don’t get overlooked. It makes sense to fix something long before it totally breaks, right? Along with this idea, make sure you get comprehensive pre-trip and post-trip inspections done, so you’re aware of any and all issues. Document any issues, too.

Smartphones have a way of interfering with driving, don’t they? It can be tempting to check Facebook posts and/or look up directions while driving, but it’s best to use phones only when safely parked if possible.

Traffic and bad weather can cause problems for truckers. Therefore, truckers should keep track of what’s ahead on their route so they can avoid bad routes if possible. If and when the weather is treacherous, it’s better to pull over and wait the storm out than to soldier on through and risk a crash.

Truckers need to be well-rested and they also need to take breaks. Sure, some workhorses want to be on the road for hours on end with no breaks, but that’s not a good idea. What if they fall asleep at the wheel? Drivers should get out of their trucks, stretch, walk around, go to the bathroom, etc., every couple hours if possible.

Finally, if companies offer incentives for taking safety classes/training, truckers should utilize those classes to improve their knowledge and skills.

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