Truck Drivers: Burning Out Doesn’t Have to Be an Inevitability

Are you a truck driver? Do you have any hobbies that have nothing to do with trucking? If so, schedule time each month to pursue those enjoyable hobbies because that’ll help you avoid burning out.

You see, it’s easy for truck drivers to feel burned out from all the driving they do. All that time on the road can become mind-numbing. It can get a little lonely on the road. Do truckers get enough quality sleep? Do they eat nutritious food? What about dealing with difficult people? Truck driving can be stressful, to the point where a person becomes burned out. “I’m spent. I’m done,” they say. And then they quit because it was all just too much for their mind, body and spirit to handle.

Schedule Adjustments

What are some things to do to avoid burning out? Adjust your schedule so you aren’t driving in the middle of the night. Instead, sleep at night– don’t drive. Also, take time to get physically away from the trucker world. Have a picnic with friends or family at the nearby beach or park. Host a poker night with friends. Go on a hunting trip. Take kids to an amusement park. Do the things you think “normal people” do, instead of always driving. In fact, ask someone else to drive you places once in a while. It helps.

Stress Outlets

To help avoid burning out, you’ve got to slow down, relax more and do things that make you happy. Maybe that means listening to a new age “sound bath” on YouTube while you relax in bed. Or go to the local YMCA and swim in the pool for fun. How about taking in a baseball game at the local field? Or taking an exercise class where you cycle with fellow fitness fanatics? Get lost in a good novel. Even simple things like a 20-minute walk in the park or a bike ride around your neighborhood can help you de-stress.

Relationships First

Finally, it’s important to work on relationships with the special people in your life. Spend quality time with friends and family so you feel connected to them instead of “I’m always on the road and I have no social life.”

If you’re offered days off or a vacation period, take them and enjoy them– don’t avoid them!

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