When is This Year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week?

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11-17, 2022. This week is a time to celebrate truckers who deliver our goods safely, securely and on time. Without these 3.6 professional drivers, things would not arrive at our local stores, restaurants, etc. They help make daily life (as we know it) possible!

What are some things you and/or your company can do to celebrate truckers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week this September? There are several good ideas to consider…

Examples of How You Can Show Appreciation for Truck Drivers

For starters, buy a trucker a meal. Do that, and/or offer giveaways, prizes or gifts to your favorite trucker(s). What are some nice things to give as “rewards” to truckers? Technological gadgets are good, including CB radios and iPhones. Also consider giving truckers a relaxing night’s stay at a hotel of their choice, so they can take some time away from trucking to just relax and forget about work for a while. Next, consider writing a nice note to a trucker to thank them for their service and deliveries. Similar to a trophy, award or certificate, a personal note is something that can be looked at over and over, and perhaps hung on a wall, to indicate that someone somewhere truly appreciated them for their efforts. It’s funny how one little note could mean the world to someone– but you’d be surprised how many truckers would save such notes for years to come because someone took the time to “put it in writing.”

Thirdly, truckers probably wouldn’t mind gifts, right? What are some good trucker-friendly gifts? Electric blankets, truck mattresses, pressure relieving cushions, shower kits and portable vehicle safes are all good ideas. You can also buy them audio books or a subscription to XM satellite radio.

Finally, why not throw a party for the truckers in your life to show them appreciation during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week this September? Get some pizza, beer and cake, put on some upbeat tunes, do some dancing, tell some jokes and let the good times roll!

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