How to Become a More Efficient Truck Driver

Are you a truck driver who’d like to be a more efficient truck driver? How can you achieve that goal?


For starters, effective route planning (and scheduling) can make truck driving more efficient. Planning certain routes can help reduce the number of miles driven while also increasing fuel efficiency. It can also lead to quicker deliveries which helps increase earning potential. If you have access to route management software or an app, use it. Computer-aided technology has a way of finding the fastest routes these days in real-time.

Paperwork in Order

Besides actually driving a truck, there’s associated paperwork with deliveries. Whenever you can automate the paperwork/data entry, do that to become more efficient. The less time you have to worry about doing administrative tasks, the better, right? Things like inspection forms, service history and payroll should be on systems that are automated and easily updatable. Truckers make money when they’re on the road– not when they’re filling out paperwork.

Communication is Key

Effective communication between drivers who feel connected to one another can help elevate everyone’s efficiency. Drivers can help one another out when one faces a particular problem. A team approach where everyone “checks in” with one another often can help make all the drivers in that group more efficient, especially if they’re also connected to a fleet manager who communicates well, too.

Optimizing Your Drive

Finally, some other ideas to be more efficient truckers include using cruise control (to optimize fuel efficiency), doing what you can to reduce idle times, optimizing vehicle loads and balancing weight distribution if possible.

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