The Importance of Good Posture While Driving

Your grandmother scolded you for it and your doctor warns you about it, but how often do you truly focus on having good posture? Today, most Americans suffer from back pain due to poor posture; and for many people, the pain becomes chronic.

As a driver, you know all too well how long drives have the potential to cause serious back and neck pain. Experts warn that poor posture while sitting or standing for long periods can lead to back, neck, shoulder, and even wrist pain. The good news is that it’s never too late to correct your posture.

The basics of good posture while driving

  1. Most chiropractors will recommend “elongating” your spine – meaning that you should try to keep your back as tall as possible. It’s the old “sit up straight” rule.
  2. Roll your shoulders to stretch out your muscles and release any tension that has built up. Keep your shoulders back as you elongate your spine.
  3. Keep your head up straight so that your chin creates a 90 degree angle with your spine. Letting your neck droop will cause kinks and neck pain.
  4. Adjust your seat so that you fit into the truck properly. Adjust the height and distance of your seat so that you are able to sit up and still reach the pedals.
  5. Many drivers find that it is useful to invest in a supportive cushion or brace to help maintain proper posture.
  6. Stretching during rest stops is key. Take a minute to straighten out and loosen any areas that have become tight.
  7. Lastly, see a chiropractor. A doctor trained in spinal health will be able to correct any alignment issues you may have within your spine. It could be the solution to all of your back issues.