Will Self-Driving Trucks Destroy the United States?

A viral Facebook article appeared recently that showed the possibility of having a literal self-driving truck (robotic). At this time, there are approximately 3.5 million professional truck drivers employed and about 8.7 million trucking-related employees in the United States. Not only would this already affect a very large part of the U.S.’s population, but there are many smaller jobs that would be affected by this major change as well.

Modern Day Technology:

Google has already made a self-driven car, so what’s next? That’s right, self-driving trucks. According to the experiences of the self-driving cars, the greater danger lies within smaller areas such as cities and urban areas; therefore, freeway driving is less dangerous and closer to our country’s future plans of self-driving transportation.


  • The purpose and goal of trucking companies is to transfer goods from point A to point B. What my point is that the driver of the truck is just used for the transportation – if we have self-driving trucks, it will eliminate unneeded personnel on the job.
  • Technology advancements – any advancement in technology is a good thing, which may lead to even better things.


  • The obvious reason – millions upon millions of individuals may be out of a job in the near future. An industry that has been building up and flourishing over time may suddenly deteriorate because of advancements in technology.
  • The less obvious reason – the increasing use of technology creates less personal relationships between people, and this new advancement would work towards that concern.

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