Diesel Prices Are Continuing to Fall

For many years, regular unleaded gas has been cheaper than diesel, but now, it’s just the opposite. Diesel prices are decreasing while regular unleaded gas in on the rise. Because of this, the times are going extremely well especially for U.S. truckers. Consumers continue to buy and sell goods that are being shipped through freight trucks, farmers are in their blooming season, which calls for more transportation of goods, and the diesel prices are decreasing. So, the demand for diesel fuel increases while its price decreases, creating a win/win situation both for the economy and American citizens.


  • Booming of the production of oil
  • Suppliers overseas decide to lower cost of fuels
  • Supply/Demand – our consumers need it, so it needs to be affordable
  • Harvesting season
  • Milder weather
  • Lower cost for diesel = lower cost for shipping products

Why We Can’t Let the Prices Get Too Low:

If the diesel prices get too low, fuel suppliers will start to lose money; this is why prices fluctuate. Prices rise if there is not enough supply and too much demand. Prices decline if there is an oversupply and not a surplus of consumers to buy it.

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