Truck Driving Championships

When you’re a kid it’s not uncommon to play with toy cars and trucks in your house, the backyard or a sandbox. Many youngsters love to make the noises associated with vehicles as they manipulate them to drive around either hitting or missing other objects in their way.

You probably wouldn’t see an adult playing like a child in a sandbox, but that doesn’t mean adults don’t like to play…truck drivers, for instance, love to challenge each other with fun competitions.

Recently the Wyoming Truck Driving Championship took place where more than three dozen drivers competed to show off their skills, knowledge of the trucking industry, and, well, to have fun, too!

For instance, at the Wyoming Truck Driving Championship you would have seen truck drivers attempting to parallel park their five-axle tractor trailers. They also completed a driving skills test which included challenges like an offset alley and a diminishing clearance alley.

The fun event was held at the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Cheyenne headquarters. It was the 25th annual state championship, hosted by the Wyoming Trucking Association’s Council of Safety Supervisors.

When truckers get together, it’s a good time. Many states have driving competitions where participants enjoy meeting fellow truck drivers and seeing who gets bragging rights as the state’s top trucker. Events like these also draw attention to the role trucking plays in the American economy. Wyoming, for example, is a state where more than three-quarters of its citizens rely on trucking to get their commercial goods. It’s good for the public to see truckers doing what they do best in an event which highlights their skills, knowledge and abilities.

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