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Companies Should Try to Avoid These Mistakes When Hiring Truck Drivers

Are you looking to hire truck drivers for your company? Finding great drivers is vital, though it is often easier said than done. If you can avoid these common mistakes, you’re sure to bring on the best people. Don’t Take the Easy Route While it can be good to hire someone you know if he… Read more »

Good News Regarding Trucking Turnover

Industries measure their turnover rates each year. For the trucking industry as a whole, the turnover rates are typically very high. There’s some interesting news for 2016. According to The American Trucking Associations (ATA), turnover at large truckload fleets fell by 13% in the first quarter of this year, getting down to 89%. This was… Read more »

The Benefits of Working with a Placement Agency

When an organization or business is unable to handle the employment process, they turn to a placement agency for help. Despite outsourcing something most companies prefer to handle internally, there are many benefits to having an agency handle this. For starters, many placement agencies have a very high level or expertise on the industries they… Read more »

How to Solve the Truck Driver Shortage

Freight truck driving is currently the occupation of millions of Americans. Thousands and thousands of companies have trucks that require drivers and other employees to complete the job. Although millions of Americans take up this occupation, there is still a shortage of drivers in this day and age. Most of the people involved in this… Read more »

Diesel Prices Are Continuing to Fall

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For many years, regular unleaded gas has been cheaper than diesel, but now, it’s just the opposite. Diesel prices are decreasing while regular unleaded gas in on the rise. Because of this, the times are going extremely well especially for U.S. truckers. Consumers continue to buy and sell goods that are being shipped through freight… Read more »

How Do You Know If You’ve Chosen the Right Career Path?

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There comes a point in time where we need to start thinking about what we want to do with for the rest of our lives. Choosing the right career isn’t the easiest thing to do but there are ways in which you can make it less difficult on yourself and find your true calling. First,… Read more »

Here’s What You Learn in Truck Driving School

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Getting behind the wheel of a semi is tough for a reason. A truck is an extremely heavy and large vehicle to bring on the road, so driving one requires proper time and training that an ordinary car owner cannot simply learn overnight. To become a truck driver, you’ll need to learn the ropes of… Read more »

How much work history is required to apply for a truck driving position?

When applying for a job with a trucking company, you’ll undoubtedly be asked for an explanation of your employment history. In some ways, this is no different from any other job. Of course, companies like to know as much as possible about a potential employee before investing in them. When it comes to operating a… Read more »

What’s the difference between a pre-employment and post-accident drug test?

  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has alcohol and drug-testing regulations put in place to promote a safer driving environment for truck drivers and those with whom they share the road. The two most notable procedures involved are the pre-employment and post-accident screenings. All truck drivers should be aware of the process and prepared… Read more »