A Worthwhile Career Path for Jobless Veterans

After finishing their service in the military, many veterans have a difficult time finding a job that suits their lifestyle. Certain jobs may be difficult for veterans for certain physical reasons, or due to a lack of jobs being available for their specific skillset.

A new career, such as becoming a truck driver could be considered a wonderful option for veterans who need employment for several reasons. For starters, it does not involve overly strenuous work; there are many different schedules to work with or around; most soldiers are well trained in geography and in finding their way around; and there are always job opportunities in the trucking industry, even for people who have no experience.

One cool story of a group trying to attract veterans to a career in trucking can be found at a tech school in Pennsylvania. The Lancaster County Career and Technology Center is offering their truck-driving training course to over 30 veterans over the next two years, free of charge. Because they know that our country is lacking truck drivers all across the states, and also that many veterans are without steady employment, the LCCTC wants to give back and give help to those who have served the country. Vance Miller, director of commercial driver’s license for LCCTC, stated in an interview that nearly every veteran who completes the course has opportunities to begin their truck driving career right away.

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