Jumpstart Your Career By Becoming a Truck Driver

A Career in Truck Driving Have you been looking for work that pays well, but you haven’t had much luck where you live and you’re starting to get discouraged? What about considering the trucking industry? You could jumpstart your career this year by becoming a truck driver.

Did you know there’s a shortage of truck drivers? Because there is a real and true need for more truckers, companies are eager to welcome in new hires whom they can train and put to work. It’s a good time to become a trucker; the pay and benefits attract job seekers to the industry.

What are some reasons to become a trucker?

First, there’s the great pay. If you’re willing to do long hauls, expect to be paid handsomely. If you are a safe and reliable driver, you will be prized by your company because they want that, and they’ll pay to keep you precisely because you are safe and reliable. It has been said that some truckers make more money than college grads and it’s not unusual for truck drivers to make $60,000 to $100,000 a year, or more. Expect bonuses and yearly wage increases, too.

Next, one of the reasons to get into trucking is to get out of your stagnant hometown and see new places. It might sound a little bit corny, but truckers really do get to see much more of the country than others and it gives them a fresher perspective on the world-at-large. More than one trucker has remarked, at one point in their career, “I never thought I’d get to travel to _____.” Scenery changes constantly for truckers and they often get to see a lot of points of interest most working people never get to visit or even pass by.

One of the nice things about being a truck driver is the flexible schedule. Truckers often get a reasonable say in the hours they work as well as what type of hauls they’re willing to drive– local vs. cross country, for example.

As for benefits, truckers appreciate their retirement plans, as well as their medical/dental/life insurance deals. It’s not unusual, too, for trucking companies to offer paid vacation and holidays– nice!

Finally, if you’re a good driver, you’ve got great job security. Because of the aforementioned shortage of truck drivers nationwide, that means you don’t have to worry about losing your job. If you do, for whatever reason, there’s always another company waiting to swoop you up if you’re qualified and sober!

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