Safety Advice for Truck Drivers

Truck Driver Safety What’s some safety advice for truck drivers from Platinum Drivers?

For starters, look ahead the majority of the time and check your mirrors frequently. You should always be aware of what’s going on around you, in the front, on the sides and behind you. You don’t want to drive when you’re tired. You need to be alert when you’re behind the wheel of a big rig.

Try to anticipate trouble and then steer clear of it as best you can. Truckers, over time, tend to get very good at noticing anything out of the ordinary. When strange things are happening on the road, such as cars driving the wrong direction, a trucker needs to react in such a way that minimizes harm for all involved. That said, it’s good to look for an “escape route” from trouble.

Have you heard of the term “safety circle?” Think of the truck and then draw an invisible circle around it– this is a cushion of room that becomes your safety circle. Whenever possible, leave this room “open” and “clear” of other vehicles. Pay special attention to any blind spots. Don’t tailgate. When truckers create safety circles around their trucks, it benefits everybody on the road.

Another good safety tip for truckers is to frequently scan all the gauges. That way you’ll know if there are any potential mechanical troubles brewing. Key things to check include your fuel level and if/how your electrical systems are charging.

Truckers need to be aware of upcoming low bridges– better to avoid the really low ones or risk peeling the roof off of the truck! Furthermore, be on the lookout for low hanging wires. Avoid them, obviously. Finally, weather plays a significant role in the trucking industry. Some days, the weather is really bad and it warrants pulling over, off the road, and waiting the storm out. You’ll want to pay attention to the outdoor air temperature, especially when it’s in the range of rain versus sleet versus snow. On those days when the weather hovers around freezing, be extra cautious on the road, giving yourself extra time to get to the destination.