An Overview of Truck Driving and Millennials

Millennial Truck Drivers The trucking industry is facing a problem right now. According to a new report released by the American Trucking Association in 2017, the industry needs about 900,000 new drivers at the moment to meet a growing demand. Over the last few months alone, there have been about 185,000 trucking jobs that have opened up, and even more are expected to open up in the coming years. Moreover, there is concern about where the people to fill those jobs are going to come from.

Unfortunately, many young people are opting against entering the trucking industry due to the stigma that has been attached to it for years. Nevertheless, trucking experts are pointing out that millennials should reconsider and think hard about getting the training they’ll need to become truckers. It could end being the most lucrative decision they ever make.

Outside of the fact that the trucking industry is looking for more help, millennials will find that they will paid well as truckers if they get the right licenses and attend the right training courses for a job in trucking. There are many companies offering competitive salaries, full pensions, company-matched 401k plans, and more to their truck drivers. There are obviously many financial perks that come along with the job.

Experts are also warning millennials against being scared off by the reports about how autonomous vehicles are going to end the trucking industry as we know it. While autonomous vehicles are expected to make an impact in the industry, there’s a good chance that, at least initially, it will make life easier on truckers rather than driving them out of jobs. Truck drivers will still need to take the wheel in autonomous trucks for safety reasons; they just won’t have to do it in the same way they are now. It could help them reap the rewards of doing it for just a fraction of the actual work.

All in all, the trucking industry is in a healthy place, but it needs more millennials to consider the trucking lifestyle.

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