3 Great American Truck Stops

This topic is old and worn out, but as a driver staffing agency, we know that it’s also one that’s always changing. As truck stops age, they tend to get worse (though some have retained their attraction throughout the years). As new stops open, some are met with applause while others are left with boos. So, here are 3 truck stops that you can trust to have some sort of good time at (and they are from 3 distinct locations in the US, so you should be able to visit at least one!).

Iowa 80 – This is probably one of the most famous truck stops in the world, so it’s no wonder that it makes the list. It’s not necessarily the nicest stop ever, but it’s got character and it has certainly gotten better with age.

Little America (Flagstaff AZ) – Looking at the website, you’d be wary to call this a truck stop, as it’s more like a luxury hotel. So, if you really need to get your mind off of the road and into an oasis, this is the stop for you!

South of the Border – If you need some entertainment on your stop, you’ve found the place. This place has everything from restaurants to a reptile lagoon. You’ll be sure to find something to entertain yourself with here at this stop, without a doubt.

So, keep these stops in mind and make sure to contact us if you seek a CDL staffing agency.