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How to Solve the Truck Driver Shortage

Freight truck driving is currently the occupation of millions of Americans. Thousands and thousands of companies have trucks that require drivers and other employees to complete the job. Although millions of Americans take up this occupation, there is still a shortage of drivers in this day and age. Most of the people involved in this… Read more »

The Reasons Behind The Truck Driver Shortage

Platinum Drivers

Transporting freight by truck is still very important to our economy. Many of the goods that our stores and homes house were delivered by truck. The most crucial aspect to trucking are the drivers. Trucking companies put a lot of responsibility upon their drivers to successfully and safely carry freight all over the country. However,… Read more »

3 Great American Truck Stops

This topic is old and worn out, but as a driver staffing agency, we know that it’s also one that’s always changing. As truck stops age, they tend to get worse (though some have retained their attraction throughout the years). As new stops open, some are met with applause while others are left with boos…. Read more »