The Reasons Behind The Truck Driver Shortage

Transporting freight by truck is still very important to our economy. Many of the goods that our stores and homes house were delivered by truck. The most crucial aspect to trucking are the drivers. Trucking companies put a lot of responsibility upon their drivers to successfully and safely carry freight all over the country.

However, the American Trucking Association (ATA) is seeing a dramatic decrease in truck drivers. According to the ATA, it is estimated that the U.S. is short an alarming 30,000 drivers. Truck carriers have noted major difficulties in finding drivers that meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation.

So what is the cause behind the truck driver shortage? The decrease is due to failure to meet requirements, low pay, too much time spent away from family, and a lack of interest from a younger generation.

While it is a reliable career option, there are many requirements that the DOT have put in place for truck drivers and there are no ways around them. This factor is a frustrating one for trucking companies.

A truck driving salary is a decent one and one that can support a stable and good lifestyle. Not to mention it provides people the opportunity to see different parts of the country…and get paid to do so.

That said, there has been a high turnover between trucking companies as drivers seek out a more convenient driving schedule so that they can spend more time at home.

According to an article by Business Insider, Swift Transportation will be making changes revolving around the causes of driver shortage.

The ATA has estimated that over the next decade, there will need to be 100,000 new drivers each year.

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