What are some of the challenges of being a truck driver?

Being a truck driver has its privileges. For instance, you get to see a lot more of the world than others with desk jobs. And you get paid well. Still, there are challenges for those who choose the trucking life.

Much like rock stars always seem to be touring from town to town, truckers are always on the move and have odd hours. Truckers are away from “home” a lot more than most people. If you’re a married trucker with kids, being away from home means missing your little kid’s school play or soccer game. It means not sleeping with your spouse every night. It means some lonely times on the road when you wish you’d be hanging out with friends and family.

Meanwhile, think about this: truckers spend hours and hours each day sitting in their trucks. Thank goodness for the radio with its music and talk shows for good company. Of course, the stress of driving a big rig in heavy highway traffic can wear on truckers’ minds and bodies. You can’t take your eyes off the road, you have a whole bunch of rules to follow, and you’re expected to arrive at your destination on-time. That’s a lot of pressure on a person, you know?

Furthermore, there’s the hassle of trying to find a parking space– which isn’t easy with an 18-wheeler, for sure. It’s especially hard to find a parking space for overnight parking.

And there are times when truckers have been sitting too long and need a break from the road. Any chance to take a brisk walk, move the legs and get some exercise is important, as is eating healthy.

That said, if you enjoy driving, seeing America, being on your own much of the time, and getting paid well to provide a valuable service that keeps the economy humming, trucking’s a great gig.