Finding a Truck Driver for the Holidays

Doesn’t it seem to get harder and harder to hold onto the magic of the holiday season? If you can remember a time when you truly believed in Santa Claus, nothing quite matches up to that feeling on Christmas morning, running downstairs to a mountain of presents overflowing from under the tree. Where did it all come from? How did big, fat Santa fit down the chimney? Wait a minute—we don’t even have a chimney!

The funny thing is, there is actually a group of people that does the very job we joyfully attribute to the guy in the big red suit. Instead of sleighs powered by flying reindeer, they drive big rigs powered by motors. Instead of velvet bags, they carry gifts in labeled cardboard boxes. And unfortunately for parents, the gifts they deliver actually have to be paid for.

Still, it’s easy to forget the task at hand for trucking companies during the holiday season. A botched order could turn into a Christmas disaster, and deadlines and delivery dates carry even more significance than usual.

When truck drivers are in such high demand, it can be difficult for companies to find reliable drivers at reasonable rates. That’s where we come into play. This time of year, you can think of Platinum Drivers as your North Pole headquarters, ready to match you with capable, responsible drivers that have been extensively screened and interviewed.

Truck driver placement agencies are actually ideal for seasonal work. You won’t need to go through all the trouble of hiring a driver just to let them go when things slow back down. Placement services will provide you the drivers you want, for the time you need them, at a price that fits into your budget.

This holiday season, rekindle the magic by hiring a professional truck driver to deliver your goods. Here at Platinum Drivers, we like to recognize commercial truck drivers as the true heroes of Christmas.