Make Summertime Trucking Routes a Success by Following These Tips

Summertime usually means not just warm driving days, but hot ones. And then you factor in the humidity? You’ll be sweatin’! So what are some summertime tips for truck drivers?

Stay Cool

In the old days, truckers didn’t have air conditioned cabs and they didn’t carry water bottles everywhere. But in 2021, thankfully, you can keep your cab cool with AC, and, on certain days, just put the windows down for a nice breeze. Meanwhile, water bottles are plentiful. You can pick them up at truck stop stores, supermarkets, gas stations, etc. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but it bears repeating: you have to stay hydrated. That means drinking lots of water while you’re truckin’… and when you do this, you’ll help prevent headaches and lethargy.

Hydrate and Eat Wisely

A lot of truckers rely on caffeinated drinks like Red Bull and Pepsi to help keep them going on the longer runs. But are those the healthiest? No. Ideally, drink more water instead of soda and energy drinks. If you’re looking for good snacks for the summer, bring some carrot and celery sticks with you on the road. They’re better for you than, say, a bag of Doritos.

Avoid Sunburn

Now how about the sunshine? You want to avoid getting sunburn, so it’s best to wear long sleeves, even in the summer. Sure, summertime feels like the right time for tank tops and sleeveless tees, but you don’t want your shoulders burning from the sun, right? If anything, apply some sunscreen to your face, tops of the ears, arms, legs, etc. to help avoid sunburn. And, like most truckers do, wear a brimmed hat.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As for your truck, you should keep the tires inflated properly so you’ll decrease the chances for blowouts. And check your brakes before you drive. Hot temperatures can cause a loss of friction when your brake parts can’t handle any more heat.

Finally, summertime means more traffic on the roads in general so be aware of all those around you. And slow down for construction workers. All in all, drive alert, stay hydrated, eat healthier, and avoid sunburns and you should be alright.

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