Consider These Presents for the Truck Driver In Your Life

Truck drivers spend a lot of time in their trucks, going down the open road, traveling from city to city and then some… What kind of gifts would be good for the truck driver in your life?

Help Truck Drivers Protect Their Valuables

For starters, how about a portable diversion safe they can take with them on the road to store their valuables? This kind of safe doesn’t look like a safe, and that’s a good thing. It looks like a book so thieves won’t notice it! This is a great idea for a gift for a trucker.

Help Truck Drivers Stay Comfortable While Driving

What about a gel-foam seat cushion? Truck seats never have enough padding! If you want to help make a driver’s seat more comfortable for long hauls, look for something like a Sojoy-brand iGelComfort seat cushion. And if you have the money to buy a mattress, get them a comfortable sleeper berth mattress as a gift. If you’re feeling especially generous, throw in a Purple Harmony-brand pillow.

Help Truck Drivers With Circulation

Have you heard of compression socks? They help prevent blood clots in the legs and are a good gift for people who spend prolonged periods sitting in the same position.

Help Truck Drivers’ Eyes

What about the glaring sun and other people’s headlights/taillights? Get a trucker some polarized sunglasses. And when they have to work in the dark, at night? Consider getting them a headlamp they can wear so they’ll have their hands free to do their work.

Help Truck Drivers Stay Entertained

To help pass the time when they’re not driving, get truckers an Amazon Kindle reader (for books) and/or a subscription to EpicVue Direct TV (for watching TV). While they are driving, they might like to listen to SiriusXM satellite radio or hear books read aloud using Audible– you can buy them a gift subscription to those popular services.

These are just some ideas for gifts for truckers. If you know a trucker, ask them what they might like!

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