What Can Truck Driver Do to Drive Safe in the Spring?

What are some things truck drivers can do to drive safely this Spring?

Be Ready for Rian

First, Spring brings with it rain– lots of it. Rainy roads and foggy mornings make Spring driving a little more difficult than dry, clear days. Therefore, it’s important to remember to make sure you can see out of all your windows clearly. Use windshield wipers when necessary and if the rain or fog is too intense, pull off the road and take a break until visibility conditions improve.

Rainy roads can lead to hydroplaning where the tires lose their grip to the pavement and then the vehicle essentially glides/skids atop the standing water. Obviously, if hydroplaning occurs then it’s hard to brake. It’s best to go slowly through standing water and brake gradually to avoid jackknifing the truck and losing control.

And Potholes

One definite problem with roads in the Springtime are the potholes– the aftermath of winter. Watch for potholes and avoid them when possible.

Though Spring brings with it warmer temperatures, there can still be some freezing cold days and nights, with the potential for black ice on the roads. Therefore, notice temperature drops and plan accordingly.

Moure Outdoor Activity

Finally, watch for pedestrians and animals in the road. While this is true all year long, it’s especially true in the Spring months when people and animals come out of hibernation and “hit the streets” again.

Truckers have to be careful with how slow or fast they drive depending on weather conditions and the things around them, whether it’s people, animals or other moving objects.

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