Truck Driving Industry is Filled With Dedicated Professionals

Most people only think about truck driving while on the highway. There are many preconceived notions about truckers and the trucking industry, however, the industry is filled with talented and dedicated individuals ready to transport your goods safely.

Safety First

Despite their job being driving, truckers on average get in three times fewer accidents than other drivers. This is due to rigorous training and certification that prepares them for all incidents that may occur on the road! A helpful tip: truckers can see when you use your high beams, so always be aware and dim them for truckers!

A Large Reach

Of the 8 million people employed in the trucking industry truck drivers account for 3.2 million of the workers. Truckers have a large impact on the economy, and their dedication to their jobs ensure timely deliveries while maintaining safety.

It Takes Dedication

It isn’t a job to take lightly. It requires training, dedication, and focus. Drivers plan their trips while keeping in mind any obstacles that may occur. They can safely navigate bad weather, travel 2,000 to 3,000 miles per week, all while making sure they take care of themselves along the way. Moreover, they make sure whatever goods they are transporting arrive on time and unscathed.  Truckers, we salute you!

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