The Benefits of Driver Leasing Companies

Driver leasing is a staffing option that doesn’t require trucking companies to directly employ their drivers. It’s a relationship that has proven beneficial to both truck owners and the drivers that are “leased” to drive the trucks. Truck staffing agencies like Platinum Drivers will keep a list of drivers who are qualified and capable of working. Staffing agencies negotiate a fair rate for the driver, and provides payment to the driver.

One of the many reasons why trucking companies turn to leasing drivers involves the extensive and often inefficient process of finding individuals to employ. Rather than being responsible for advertising a position, interviewing candidates, and performing administrative duties, the truck companies can focus on what they specialize in—trucks. Meanwhile, staffing agencies are better equipped and more prepared to deal directly with drivers.

Truck operators may need specific types of employment for varying periods of time. Staffing agencies allow them to operate more efficiently by leasing drivers out only when they’re needed.

Driver leasing might sound unfair to the drivers themselves, but the arrangement can actually be quite beneficial. Staffing agencies allow drivers to get their foot in the door and to add valuable experience to their resumes. Many times, a trucking company will ask a driver who performs well on a temporary basis to come onboard full-time.

Seasonal employment becomes less of a burden on drivers, as the staffing agency gets to work on reassigning them and getting them back on the road. Otherwise, a driver might have to reapply repeatedly, providing documentation and undergoing tests and screenings. The staffing agency can serve as a credible representative for the driver.

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